Monday, May 6, 2013

Website Updates and Life

So I haven't had the chance to make any soap lately. Above is a yummy cherry swirl soap I made with melt and pour bases back when I was just starting out. It still smells yummy, and was my first sell-out soap.

I've been on the job hunt for a replacement day-job, so soap making has slowed, as have sales. I decided to close my Etsy shop, as doing so now means I just break even. It's a wonderful tool, however without a current income (I support my soap making craziness, letting my husband do what he will with his earnings) I just can't bite the bullet.

Being open minded, however, I decided to revamp my website and add a shop there. Totally free! Haha.

That is however the only thing I've gotten done lately. But if you'd like to visit my website and give feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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