Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bramble Berry Goodies!

Well, for those of you who keep up with my  soapy ramblings, you know that bramble Berry selected my Peacock Swirl soap as Facebook Photo of the Week.

Today, I got my box of goodies from Bramble Berry! Yay!

It almost all didn't fit into my soft light box!
I've been wanting to try Aloe Very gel for some time now, and I use castor oil in all my recipes to boost lather -- the more the merrier! LOVE the adorable notebook they sent, and the Soap Queen notepads are lovely (I want an apron so bad!). These scents are TO DIE FOR, by the way.

The cherry almond was used by one of the MP soapy swappers I got, and I love how it came out in the soap. Not overly sweet, and not heavily almond (I don't like almond scents.) This one seems like a lovely happy median.

One of the scent blends is Hungarian Lavender, Lemon EP and Strawberry (1:2:1) -- I love this one!  Sharp citrus with a subtle floral sweetness. 

The other blend is Hungarian Lavender, Pomegranate&Black Currant (1:1) -- This one is also sweet with a subtle hint of lavender; it reminds me of how the old Dragonfruit SoBe's used to smell (GOD I miss those drinks!)

Also got an ultramarine violet color block for MP soaps -- I still have some soap base lying around somewhere. ;)

Thanks to everyone at Bramble Berry for the amazing soapy package! I can;t WAIT to try these scents out and make more awesome swirls! Just have to wait for my sodium lactate to get here ;D


  1. Nice haul! Congrats again on your winning photo!

  2. Ditto Jenny, congrats on being chosen as Brambleberry's FB soap of the week. Can't wait to see what you end up making.

    1. Thanks! :) I really want to try a mantra swirl, but first I want one of those lovely 10" silicone molds that I can CPOP in to make those colors POP. :)

  3. How completely awesome of BB to send you those goodies, what a great company! Have fun with all your new goodies! :)

    1. They are really amazing! :) I feel bad that I dont order form them often enough (need more income to order more frequenstly first, haha!) but I'll def be getting a haul of new FO's after the latest swap. all the soaps smelled so yummy, and I'm tired of RE's fragrances siezing on me. =/