Monday, April 15, 2013

Bramble Berry's M&P Soap Swap: Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cybilla

So I've been hankering some more soap making recently, and have been struggling to get up the urge to just DO IT. It finally happened today, as the stress of a failed motherboard in my gaming rig and my starter being shot in my car culminated into an "I NEED TO SOAP" distress. Soaping honestly gives me time to myself to really focus on something other than what's going on around me. It's an escape, and the only thing I'm thinking about is the soap. No kitties, no lovers, no car, job, home, etc. Just soap. measuring, calculating, taking notes about the process, what changes, what's different, what was successful, etc. I record these in my soap-book, where I keep ideas for soaps, recipes, and new scents I want to try cataloged.

With the Bramble Berry Soap Swap coming up, I knew I needed to get to work on my second batch for the M&P swap! I chose to do Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cybilla, since I had that one on-hand from the sample scents sent out with last month's order. I also LOVE how that kind of fragrance colors white M&P base.

For this one, I wanted to incorporate organic jojoba meal and dry oatmeal into the bars. I only had normal white glycerin base on hand, non-suspension formula, so I knew ahead of time this bar would end up "layered". With that fact in mind, I embarked on filling my molds!

I heated the soap base int he microwave, adding fragrance and the jojoba meal into the melted mix. After stirring for a while to make sure the meal was incorporated, I poured it into my acrylic log mold. 


Seriously, I've never smelled an oatmeal milk and honey fragrance I literally wanted to eat. Most of them seem to be too sweet smelling for my liking, and some even turn my stomach. But this one was so fresh and delicious, mmm.

Once it was in the mold, I spritzed it with alcohol, and then added a layer of oatmeal. I also sprayed this down with alcohol, causing some of it to sink down into the bottom of the loaf mold.

After waiting several hours, I popped it out of the mold and cut it! Yum!

The meal and oatmeal stayed ont he top or bottom of the bar, so I guess that means someone can decide whether or not they want exfoliation during their shower, LOL.


  1. Oh it's lovely Ashley, lucky swap recipients!

    1. Thanks! :) I had about 5 bars of this one left after the swap soaps were chosen, and they smell amazing!