Monday, April 22, 2013

Energizing adventure!

As you may know from previous posts, this is Energize. It's an amazingly lovely heavy-lemon scented soap, with a soft undertone of sweet. This is the bar as it was originally pulled from my DORIGHT slab mold.

After being annoyed by the heavy ash, even after steaming the bars, I decided I'd give my SMR planer a try.

So off I went! Lovingly beveling the edges of my soap bar, planing the flat sides (I find that if you plane the front and back of the bar first, then the corners you want beveled, and THEN the sides, it works best!), reveling in the scent of yummy citrus as the fresh slices aerated the room. Halfway through, however, I was wondering what to do with my planed leftovers. I had been squeezing them together after each bar, making little squished soap bits. Then it occurred to me.


Who DOESN'T love soap balls? Even if I just use them as embeds, it's an awesome idea. So I started rolling!

Nice, clean-of-ash, planed soaps. <3

And soap balls!

Size comparisons:

Thanks for reading! And as always -- HAPPY SOAPING! 

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