Sunday, April 21, 2013

16lbs of Cut Soap!

You guys remember this lot from yesterday, right?

Oh yes. Getting all of this soap out of the molds was a challenge in itself, but cutting it -- whew! Hand cutting it, I might add. The bars arent all even (let me tell you, I LOVE my slab mold now - it does it for me!) but money is tight, so I'll have to wait for a special day to invest in one of the fancy wire cutters.

But here are the soaps!

This is my Energize bar. A nice little (no column!) swirl done in my slab mold. It's got a bit of ash on the top, and some of the bars are sweating, but it smells heavenly. Scented with a blend of yuzu and lemon verbena, it's strong citrus top notes have a nice, sweet undertone. Lovely for morning showers!

This is the batch that accelerated so much it nearly hardened in the pot! Whisper, it was meant to have a hangar swirl (which is present in like, two bars) but whatever. It smells wonderful, a nice, heavy white floral (which I know accelerates anyway, duh) with a slight tinge of perfume. The tops of these are ashed as well, though I'll be using my soap planer/beveler from Soap making Resource to clean all of these babies up!

You can see how bad the ash is really well on these.

Probably my favorite one in terms of design out of the previous bars, this is Pink Lavender. Scented with a blend of lavender and some nice light florals, it has lavender buds sprinkled along its textured top. Lavender buds are also present throughout the middle of the bar (meaning there were some streaks when cutting). I used purple labcolor from RE to color the top part with, with TD mixed into the whole batch. Not sure if it's the TD that mixed with the labcolor, or the CP method that made it turn this delightful pink color. Happy accident, yay!

And, finally, Rustic. This is scented with a blend of eucalyptus and musk, a nice manly scent. I went with a simple grey bar, dusted the top with black glitter (more manly than -- pink glitter? I don't know) and ohmygawd it smells amazing. This bar and the Pink Lavender were softer out of the molds, more sticky -- though they were 3lb batches versus the 5lb of the others, so I'll account it for a cooler saponification temp.

Yay glitter!

These are some of the more professional soaps I've made, as these will be the ones I show to a wholesale client later int he week (wish me luck!) I never would have imagined that my hobby would have evolved this fast, and I have all of you to thank for having such an amazingly insightful community of soapers for me to explore! 

Happy soaping, my lovelies -- I will be updating more past batches until I get more palm oil in, as I barely have enough for a 3lb batch!


  1. Wow, you've been busy, Ashley! All of your soaps look great - I especially love the Energize and Rustic bars. Eucalyptus and musk sounds amazing together! Best of luck with your wholesale client!

    1. Busy indeed! Energize is growing on me, and quickly, so I may have to sneak a bar of it for myself! Rustic definitely smells like a man, and it's holding well with no morph, so I'm very excited for it. :) I may try some sodium lactate for these molds, as the soap was sticky enough at twenty four hours to be trouble getting out of the mold. Maybe it's the 20% Shea butter in action?

  2. All of these batches turned out fabulously and I love all of them. But, the Energize colors really just grab you and pull you in. Thanks for sharing and good luck. =)

    1. AAH! I was so stoked to see your comment, Anne-Marie! :) I LOVE all of your tutorials, and have them all bookmarked on my phone for quick-reference. I'm glad you enjoyed looking at my soaps! Energize is certainly my favorite, and smells strongly of lemon -- I think I'm going to steal away a bar of it for my own use. <3 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wow, you have been busy, impressive. May I ask where you got the slab mold with the dividers? Thanks very much, Rebekka