Monday, May 20, 2013

Soapy Swap Update!

As most of you know, I participated in this past Bramble Berry soapy swap, with both Melt and Pour soaps AND CP soaps! I still had some of my soap base lying around, and figured I may as well give it a hot!

I just received my M&P soapy package today, so here are the soaps I got!
All fragrances are from Bramble Berry's line.

All of these scents are wonderful, so I'll just go through the list!

This soap is from Mommy You Soap It! And is a Grapefruit Lily scented soap. It's a nice soft peach color fading into a soft cucumber green, and smells like a soft, sweet floral. The packaging is also super cute!

This soap is CRAZY AMAZING! It's from Wizard At Work from Etsy, and is scented apricot freesia. It's also a sweeter scent, and normally freesia is overwhelming on it's own, but I really adore this one. AND THE LAYERS. So impressed.

This one comes from Naturella Chandelle & Savons, scented with money Love. Hints of banana and coconut are present in this one, a nice sweet fruity scent. 

Oklahoma Red Dirt Soap from Okie Crowe! First off, this is some LOVELY packaging! It's got a layer of newspaper underneath the label to help hide some of the shrinkwrapped back, and I adore this concept because of recycling products! It also has the cutest red metallic "made in Oklahoma!" sticker on the top.This is scented with BB's Amber fragrance; which if you havent smelled it, it's a wonderfully spicy-yet-musky scent. This is definitely in the top of my favorite's list!

Next is The Mu from knittysnaps, scented with chocolate espresso. Which means it's an auto-fave, as I LOVE coffee scents. It's chocolatey-sweet with just a hint of coffee, very alluring.

And Me'Shea's Goat's Milk MP Soap, scented Peach Champagne. I LOVE THIS SCENT. Oh jeezus. It's sweet but not overly so, and kind of just smells "clean." But still sweet. And the top of this soap is super interesting, it's very soft anf fluffy -- I'm guessing it's "whipped," which works well with a peach champagne design!

This one is from Marilyn Payne Designs, and is (obviously) cherry almond scented. I love the lollipop theme for this one, as it's not so much almond as it is cherry. Smells like a cherry tootsie pop, minus the chocolate undertones. But it isn't an overpowering cherry! Some of them make me feel slightly sick if sniffed directly from the bottle, even though cherry is my favorite.Love the rainbow swirls!

And from Sudsie Q Soaps, we have White Tea & Ginger! First off, I really enjoy the white tea fragrances, they always smell so simple and clean, very nice without overpowering. The ginger adds a nice spicy note to it, and I love her color choices! The label is super cute, too, it wraps around the tops much like Anne-Maries do in her soap labeling tutorial. I want labels like these! <3

The next one is a very interesting blend from Once In A Blue Moon Soap and Bath. Not sure what the title of this soap is, but it's scented with rosehip jasmine -- which throws a curveball for it's sweet appearance. It's decked with cupcake imbeds and chocolate morsel embeds, 

It's a very floral scent with very sweet designs, lol!

Take a look at THIS! I LOVE the way Rosemary molded this soap, appropriately scented Fresh Bamboo. Her bamboo design is colored white, and the rest of the soap is a nice, soft green. The scent is lovely, too, and in the package are two really adorable, thin soaps. When we get our house, I know what's going in our guest bathroom to impress people!

I almost forgot one!

This Energy-scented soap comes from Key-Tones Soaps,  and is a lovely molded design accented by gold soapy paint! LOVE this scent, it's a nice sweet citrus!

And last but not least, the most epic soap:

IT'S THE DEATH STAR! This soap made me incredibly happy, as my household LOVES Star Wars. <3 The scent isnt named, but it smells like a deliciously spicy lavender, and is a nice, dark purple color with lavender buds embedded inside. This comes to me from Elly Ice at Frozen Water Designs, who gets total props in making a Death Star soap! <3

Thanks to everyone who created these beautiful, amazing, gorgeous soaps! I can;t wait to see what my CP package holds!

Until next time, happy soaping! :D


  1. Oh wow, you got some AMAZING soaps! Do we get to see the one you sent? ;)

    1. You can read all about my M&P soapy swap soap here!

      :D I'm excited to see who gets mine. My cold process swap soap is here:

    2. Ooops, my bad...I looked but didn't see it, so thanks for the link! Can't wait to see your cold process swap too, how fun!

    3. LOL, not a problem! :) I had tagged them with Soap Swap, but otherwise I guess they kind of blend in with the other soaps.

  2. Nice! Looks like you got some fabulous soaps! I'm on the lookout this week for my swap box, too. Love that Death Star soap!

    1. :D Death star soap is indeed awesome! Hope your soaps are just as fabulous! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one of your Wasabi ones in my CP soap swap package. :)

  3. Jealous! ;) What a great soap swap, and the death star is so cool! Everyone did a really lovely job.

    1. They really did! I'm so impressed with everyone's hard work, I'll have to track them down and see if they have soapy blogs to follow! :)

  4. Tee hee, my soap is on this list (The Mu)! I'm really impressed with everyone's soaps, and Ashley I'm very impressed that you did the MP & CP swap! I just received my package tonight (post office was holding it over the holiday weekend) and will be posting a blog tomorrow as well. :)

    1. Awesome! So excited for you to see your soaps -- I'll be sure to check out the post!