Thursday, August 7, 2014

Update on Life and crazy happenings..

Man, it's been forever. Or it seems like it.

I'm such a horrible blogger, haha. At least this little break wasn't like the LAST hiatus I had! So to give you guys an update on my current standing...

1. I'm finally out of my old job! No more call center. :)

2. I have a slight break between jobs which will mean MOAR SOAP!

3. I DO have some soaps I've made since the Warm Vanilla Sugar batch, but I still need to photograph them. Namely, I made a batch of Lavender, I resupplied a client with her custom order of my new Energize blend (Lemongrass, bergamot, and listea), and another custom order soap from coworkers, a Lemongrass Mint!

4. I have so many plans for new soaps! I have an order shipping in from Mad Oils (so excited! They're fabulous; find them here)

5. I keep my Facebook more up to date than my blog (sometimes), so if you ladies/gents want, you can follow my page here.

6. So outside of my move form SC to WA, the reason we have been so busy lately is we moved from Bremerton WA to Tacoma WA to be closer to Jay's job, get better pricing on rent, and really just get out of Kidnap County --- oh I'm sorry, I meant Kitsap. :)

7. Sadness for the move, though, because I could not bring my lovely furbabies with me.. They are now happy in another home, and my heart is heavier for it.

Lessa and Ramoth, spooning in Jay's chair.

8. Furbabies that we COULD have, however, included rats! Working with a lovely lady out of West Seattle through Craigslist, I was able to relocate three amazingly cute baby boys!

 From left to right: Larry, Moe, and Curly

I'm sure they will find ways to help me during my soapy excavations. :)

9. So my new job will be work from home, same sort of stuff I did at the call center just different client. And with the advantage of saving 300+/mo on gas and toll costs, it will allow me to focus on my soaping in my free time!

Once again, I apologize for being so busy, but we can all see HOW busy its gotten! Once I get my next batch of soap out, I will post a soapy update!


  1. Looks like things have been busy for you, Ashley. It sounds like you are getting settled, though, and I hope that you have more time for soaping soon!

  2. Congrats on getting out of the call centre job! Hopefully now that you're getting settled in, you'll find more time to soap again.