Friday, May 30, 2014

Warm Vanilla Sugar (And plans!)

I would like to think I've been a busy, busy bee over the last few weeks.

And in a way, I have. But I also haven't.

I did, however, make a new batch of delicious smelling soap. Warm vanilla sugar. This was actually a request from a coworker, whose face lit up when I brought her a few bars when she was in the hospital for surgery last week.

Delicate little swirls!

I love how the little sugar beads look, though they sort of melted a little bit as it heated. :(

I used the hangar swirl technique to get the white swirls with the layer on top.
I'll be working on some more batches soon enough -- right now I'm focusing on saving money for our next move, plus a week long trip to Cali for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding. Woohoo!


  1. I like those delicate swirls, Ashley! And the sugar beads are a nice touch. Warm Vanilla Sugar is a great scent. I'm sure that your coworker loved your soapy gift!

  2. So pretty, the beads are such a nice touch! I'm sure your coworker wasn't thrilled to be in the hospital, but your gift to her must've made it a little more bearable.

  3. Warm Vanilla Sugar is such a comforting fragrance, what a nice choice for your coworker....the soap turned out amazing, I can see why she loved it! Have a great time at the wedding!